Bookeepping and Tax

The proper administration of your resources as well as the correctness and timely financial information are important to be able to take the best directives for your business. In order to help your company we offer the following services in this area:

  • U.S. and Mexican incorporations Bookkeeping
  • Business plan elaboration and evaluation
  • Financial statements for American and Mexican business
  • Financial engineering
  • Internal control development, implementation and audits
  • Corporate and individual tax returns
  • Payroll services and support
  • Employee leasing

Audit and Assurance

We’re creating an enhanced way of auditing that delivers high quality and improves the audit experience for our clients.

Learn more about how we are changing the audit process to offer smoother workflows, stronger collaboration, consistent execution, greater visibility, deeper insights and strategic advice.

Tax Accounting

Companies are facing increased strain on their tax accounting and reporting professionals. Financial restatements, increased regulatory scrutiny over income tax disclosures and account balances, compressed close cycles, as well as new reporting considerations and standards have increased organizational needs for tax accounting.

Our global network of tax professionals helps you achieve better control over tax accounting issues and customizes tax services to meet the needs of your business.

Commercial Lending

In these trying times, most banks have a policy to lend money only to those companies that don't really need it. Additionally, most banks are one-dimensional and only do one type of financing. They are not in a position to provide all the different types of financing to small or medium-sized companies. Consultants International, with our expertise and our partnerships with national lenders can provide all of your financing needs.

    Our team works with you to design a personalized solution that complements your purchase goals - be it partial or total equity. Even if you want to acquire some equity immediately and buy the rest later, we can help.

    Conversely, if you own an investment advisory firm and you want to sell your business, we can help facilitate succession planning. Our investment advisor funding experts take the time to learn about your firm and recommend transition strategies that can prepare the new owner for a seamless transaction while preserving the legacy of your achievement.

International Services

Globalization is an increasingly important part of doing business in today's economy. Businesses of all sizes depend on international supply chains for everyday operations. But doing business around the world is becoming increasingly complex. Whether you are a U.S. company with operations abroad, or a foreign company doing business in the U.S., rely on the knowledgeable international tax and accounting professionals here at Consultants International to help you navigate the complexities and capitalize on opportunities.

International Business Planning & Marketing

  • Marketing plans and business plans for companies that want to enter or expand in international markets
  • International market research, including screening to find target markets that best meet the needs of your current product mix, business strategy, and company culture
  • Identifying competition and understanding distribution channels and pricing Guidance in developing and implementing effective credit and collections policies

International Operations

  • Advice on how to structure businesses to optimize worldwide operations.
  • Assistance structuring meaningful financial reporting systems for multi-national, multi-curreny operations.
  • Assistance identifying and managing currency and other risks associated with international operations.
  • Help in identifying and dealing with local legal and regulatory issues and in finding appropriate local agents, distributors, and joint venture partners.
  • Speeches and workshops at your workplace or conference.

International Product Sourcing

  • Business plans for off-shoring or outsourcing of services, products and manufacturing
  • Determining the best locations for sourcing based on existing supply chains, markets, competitiveness benchmarking, and trade preferences
  • Identifying potential partners and advising on decisions to invest directly or contract with local suppliers, and on how to best structure agreements


Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and due diligence services from Consultants International Investigative Services help organizations make informed decisions when hiring employees, contracting with vendors, acquiring companies and going into business with other individuals. Our 'tap into the market' approach and international network of investigators allow us to offer our services without boundaries so your business can confidently navigate the global economy

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